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Fair Trade Handmade Scarves

Vibrant colors immediately capture the eye with these beautiful handmade scarves. These gorgeous handwoven scarves are made by a group of women from the San Antonio region of Guatemala. Proceeds from the sale of each scarf help to bring much needed income to a group of 100 women in five established groups in rural villages in Guatemala.

For more information on our unique Fair Trade handmade scarves, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below!
All workers producing our Fair Trade goods are paid a fair and sustainable wage for their products.

  • What do you mean "fair trade" handmade scarves?

    When we say our unique handmade scarves also have the distinction of being called "fair trade" scarves, we mean one very exciting thing- while you get to look great with a one-of-a-kind work of art around your neck, we are able to help provide a much needed economic boost to some of the poorest regions in the world! You see, as opposed to most large companies, we ensure that each and every one of our artists receives a fair and reasonable wage for each and every one of the products you see here!

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  • Where do your fair trade scarves come from?

    All of our fair trade scarves are handmade in various regions of Guatemala by a group of just over 100 women, all made possible through our friends at Maya Traditions

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  • Why are some fair trade scarves different prices?

    A different price doesn't indicate a different quality; each and every fair trade scarf is handmade using some of the finest cottons on earth! However, our scarves come from two separate regions of Guatemala - San Antonio and San Juan, with scarves from the latter region being a bit more costly to produce and send to you. But regardless of which region they come from, all of our fair trade scarves are made from the highest quality cottons available - and best of all, all workers receive a fair and sustainable price for all of their work!

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